918 W Mallon Ave

Spokane, WA 99201

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Meet the team!

(pictures to come soon)

Jeff Jevon Donny Jay Trevor

Jeff (Owner)

Length of time at Bucks: 40 years. Buck started the shop in 1970 and Jeff purchased the shop from his dad in 1996.

Expertise: Jack of all trades

Jevon (Office Manager)

Length of time at Bucks: 4 years

Expertise: customer service, invoice management, accounts receivable, payroll, and she does it all with a smile!

Trevor (Automotive)

Length of time at Bucks: 17 years

Total industry experience: 23+ years

Expertise: Automotive Repair

Jay (Automotive)

Length of time at Bucks: 9 years

Total industry experience: 20 years

Expertise: Automotive Repair

Donny (Tires)

Length of time at Bucks: 7 years

Total industry experience: 21 years

Expertise: Tires and mechanical